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Continuing idle problems and I'm starting to have MG flashbacks!

I still cannot solve my idle problems on the 88 300SE which I may start calling by the name of my many MGBs of the past "British whore". I had this beloved name for all of my MGBs because all they did was take my money and screw me. Now, the Benz has never left me stranded and never makes me wonder what, if anything will happen when I turn the key, but I'm starting to get just as frustrated. I know the problem is my inability to properly diagnose the situation so it's my inability rather than the car but man I'm going mad!

Rather than goin through what I've done, let me jusst give one item and two questions. Once warmed, if I remove the fuse on the OVP, the idle definitely changes for the worse. If I insert the fuse back, the idle imnproves. Is this an indication the OVP is working properly?

Second, I removed and cleaned the idle control valve. Once warm, if I unplug the electric connection it does NOT change idle at all. I can plug it back in and still no change. DOes this mean the idle control vale is bad?
Ron Brooks
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