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Originally posted by Mick J
...Bad fuel pump relay is common.
Yes it is, and this is a good place to start. A fuel pump relay is also a couple hundred bucks, instead of over a thousand. It's fairly easy to diagnose for the dealer, and if they are on their game, have already checked it. I hope they are truly diagnosing the car (many dealers don't, they throw parts at it).

Originally posted by Mick J
...My '96 E220 will start and run with the OVP removed - your's has the same engine, I would expect the electronics to be similar.
Your 2.2L M111 engine is the same as the 2.2L in the W202 C-class. I would guess that most of the electronics are the same, but there may be differences. I would bet that if your car runs without the OVP in place, then his would too.

The HFM control unit is not a pattern failure for the W202.

For starters, you need to talk to the dealer. Ask them what happens if replacing the HFM unit does not solve the problem. Will they refund you the $1400? Will they remove the new HFM unit and put the old one back in, and charge you nothing? What about the diagnosis charge?

At one of my dealers, I took my car on for the very common 722.6 not-as-smooth-as-it-should-be downshifting problem. They diagnosed the problem as worn shifter bushings. Well, I disagreed, but they insisted.

They changed them, and it didn't solve the problem. They refunded me the diagnosis charge and the cost of the parts and labour. I got to keep my new bushings, as it would be too much work for them to put the old ones back in. They would not let you keep a new $1400 HFM unit.
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