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In Canada, our beloved Brian Mulroney dismantled what little remaining consumer protection and anti-monopoly laws were left on the books. No lemon laws. Business can pretty much do what it likes to consumers. Our laws are called "buyer beware, and so long sucker..."

He's since been back, and it did it, right at the dealer. They hooked the scanner up to it, and it showed no codes.

No codes = no repair. Go home. He mentioned some of the potential problems that I found here in the archives, and they explained that they are Mercedes mechanics, and he is not, and so what he says means nothing to them.

He called the Zone rep this morning, and it sounds like he might be getting somewhere with him. He is arranging to come to Edmonton (he's in Calgary) and see the car first hand.

If this is resolved, I'll post it so that other W203 owners might be saved a little grief if the same problem arises. It's probably going to be simple to solve if the durned dealer would really examine the problem...

Otherwise, he does love the car...
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