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Neil - I am in England and have spent quite a time looking into this. Email me at or if you like keep posting here and I can help.
I eventually didn't do it because I couldn't source a good condition engine and box.

The 722.4 autobox (the only one found in the 190E) will not fit the 3.0 engine. I spoke to an automatic specialist who does work for my dad's independant garage, who said the hydraulics etc etc are different, and even if you could hook them up, the ramp angles (!?) would be all wrong. However this was relating to my 4-cylinder car, but even so every 2.6 MB has the 190Es same 722.4 box, and every 3.0 MB has the stronger 722.3 box - there must be good reason for this.

See these links:

So, it's pretty certain you will have to change transmissions.
On the plus side, the casings are pretty much identical in both gearboxes, so fitting the bigger box in the 190Es tunnel is no problem.

You have it easier than me, as I would have to have modified my slam panel to fit the 300E radiator, or obtain and fit the 2.6 slam panel and radiator (with dual fan). Your existing cooling will be adequate.

I would suggest going ahead with this engine insertion! It's one of the simplest around, and would be very effective. Let me know if I can help, I have photos of 190Es with 3.0 engines and other info from my research. I'd also like to see your car with this engine in if it happens!


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