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Johnson Chan
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Do you have any pictures of your 300E. Its weird you mentioned this because i recently bought a benz thats a theft recovery vechicle, the front senor right at the license plate was struck and airbag deployed. they stole the radio faceplate, so the car was a salvage title from insurance claim. Its too good to go for parts in my opinion so i bought the car to fix it up as a winter snowy day driver.

If you have sentimental value for the car, then keep it, is the engine and transmission and rest of the body in good condition?

If you know the engine has problems and all sorts of things of the nature, then forget about it cause after you fix it, other things will break sooner or later.

Since i am working on my car these next couple weeks (1986 300E), we can share information and pictures and see what happens. It would be fun to have someone to talk to about the airbags and senors, etc.

Now, I just got this car a week or so ago and not really interested in selling it, but if you really need a donor car, i can sell it to you for around $2000. I wont make a profit off it since i got time and money invested, but if you need it and want to consider, then its cool with me, I got 2 other benzs. Just to let you know, the car is black on black, the engine runs and fires up fine, transmission works, power seats and other nick nacks work (except radio cause missing face plate), i got a used airbag coming to me this week, ordered new armrest from MB dealer, new airfilter, new spark plugs, and whole list of stuff. If the engine and tranny is the same as yours, you can use it as spare parts for the future. I dont want to sound like i am a salesman or something nor do i need the cash, but if you are interested email me at "" and let me know.
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