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I recently replaced the instrument cluster bulbs on my 88 300E. It was rather easy job. I didn't need the special tool from Mercedes, just made my own out of a coat hanger. You really have to wedge the cluster out slowly with your hands. The tool is OK to loosen the cluster. Just pull the cluster out far enough to be able to reach behind it and unscrew the bulb holder. On my '88 there are two bulbs at the top of the cluster. I didn't have to disconnect the speedo cable, but I did gently push the cable up towards the cluster from the bottom of the floor near the brake pedal, this makes it easier to wedge out the cluster. If you don't have enough slack in your speedo cable then removal is necessary so you don't damage it. If you just want replace bulbs then you don't need to take the cluster completely out. Replace both bulbs. I found replacements at Checker auto parts. The part is not listed in the Sylania book for the 300E but they did have it. On my '88 the bulb itself sits in a holder that twists out from the cluster, you just pull the bulb out of the holder and replace it with the new one.
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