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Thanks for your comments, Johnson. I do have pictures, but my scanner isn't working right now, so I couldn't scan them in. It would be fun to collaborate if I end up doing this repair. Are you in my area (SF Bay Area)?

It is interesting that you're fixing just your airbag. My girlfriend was pretty traumatized by the whole airbag experience. She had a pretty nasty burn on her wrist that was caused by the airbag itself, when its deployment set the sleeve of her shirt on fire! If I put the car back together she is pretty adamant she doesn't want the airbag fixed, and in fact wants me to turn off the airbag on "her side" of my Jeep. I'm arguing that the risk/benefit balance of airbags changes in higher speed collisions, but that's easy for me to say, because unlike her I wasn't recently in danger of airbag-induced-immolatation.
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