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420 sel climate control

As a new owner of my first mercedes, I am slowly working my way through the typical problems. So far I have taken car of all except my climate control. After reading every archieved thread on this board (and mbzn) plus having a local shop check it out, I am still puzzeled.

Symptoms-----when heating I get warm air out the side vents and cool or cold air (depending whether or not I have A/C Selected) out the center and lower side vents. The flaps are not changing position regardless of heating or cooling but the heat does cut off if the temp set point is higher then inside temp at which point I will get cool air from the upper side vents. Defrost selection give warm air out the upper side vents and window vents. I think the center vent is still open but cann't remember and the wife has the car.

I took it to a shop this week and the mech said all six (?) vacuum valves are leaking vacuum and that sometime in the past they were bypassed. No other details.

Question-------doesn't it seem strange that all six valves would fail? If so, where is a good source for these valves. I can not find them in the online stores under the climate control section.

tks for your help
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