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Wendell Allen
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Question Noise From Rear End?

I've noticed that when I have the rear of the car up on jacks and try to move one of the rear wheels, it moves what I consider unusually far before the drive shaft begins to move. Maybe 5 to 10 degrees around. And there is a definite loud "clunk" that eminates from the rear when the driveshaft does finally "engage". And the clunk is getting to where I hear it when I initially accelerate or deaccelerate.

I have the factory service CD for my car. I seem to recall seeing at one time something about a required adjustment in the rear, and I'm thinking this may have something to do with the noise. But I can't seem to find what I'd previously read about this now.

Anyone got any suggestions? This is getting worse, and I'd hate to lock it up if I can repair it now.

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