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Not likely that they are all bad. The defrost defaults to "On" meaning if you ever aren't "On" then it holds. The center duct defaults "Off" so it must be holding since its working and not in the default position.

I checked the first number and fastlane had them. Here are the numbers to put into the "Search by part number": 000 800 57 75 main air flap (recirc), 000 800 58 75 main air flap, 000 800 43 75 Defrost, 126 800 14 75 legroom, 000 800 67 75 center duct, 000 800 40 75 air scoop (?).

If you can replace them then you can check them. Some are a b**** so identify those you feel are leaking then decide if you can get to them.
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