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Slow or delayed shift 2 to 3

My 1990 300SL does the same thing too...only difference is that it does it EVERY time I switch off the ignition for more than 5 seconds, whether the car is warm cold or just been driven for 2 hours.

It does this whether ambient temp is 90 in summer or 30 in winter...only that now in winter, it is even more exagerated, taking much longer to change first time.

Once it gets going after the first shift (2 -3) the next are smooth, including subsequent 2-3 shifts from lights...until I switch off for more than 5 seconds.

I hear and read conflicting ideas, normal, not normal, etc. transmission has just been rebuilt to replace worn clutches, but not indication of this delayed shift was found.

How can one test the electrical delay? Where is it located?

'90 300SL
'90 190E 2.6
'87 300TE (gone to car heaven)
'84 190D (passed along...still in the family and used on a daily basis)
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