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Please help me W201 gurus

Alright everyone,

Here goes nothing. I was thinking of selling my car, but now I think I'm going to toughen it out and stick with it and fix up my W201. It is a '86 2.3-16V. However, that means that I need help with my car and possible diagnosis on what might be wrong. I have my own theories, but I just want other opinions. OK.....
1) the accelerator sticking problem of course. Only happens when I'm boosting above 5psi it seems. I have to turn the car off with the key in order to stop the car. The car overboosts to 10psi. and more if I kept it running long enough.
2) on cold days, when starting, the car does not want to turn over.....this is different from the usual W201 hard start problem b/c on my car you can't even hear it firing. It just sounds like the starter is just turning the crank over and over and it is not firing at all. I have to use a starting fluid in order for it to try to turn over. Holding or pumping the gas pedal doesn't help at all. Very frustrating. However, on hot summer days or 60 degrees or more, it does fine.
3) recently when coming to a stop I'd take it out of gear and the RPM's would just drop all the way down to 0 and stay there. Very frustrating. Please help.
4) OK, it's been awhile since I started my car and everything was cool, however, now when I start it up, the ABS light comes on and stays on. Help me please!!

If you can help me out with any of these problems, that would be great. These cars can be very frustrating, but for some reason we all love em alot.heheheh......thank you.

Clinton Davis
'86 190E 2.3-16V turbo
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