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Johnson Chan
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I understand where your GF is coming from with the airbag expereince. I have been in many accidents and luckily have not had it set off, i was thinking of turning it off for my car. An airbag coming at your face at 200 mph causes burns, shock, and temporaily disorient you so you cant steer or anything, you just sit and wait.

If your situation is like mine, with the airbag deployed, your car looks bad. Like right now, the interior looks great but the steering wheel has a big hole in the center of it so it looks bad, so you can buy another airbag and install it, but not hook it up. The SRS light will stay on if you no connect the cable though. this way the interior "looks" good and you dont have to worry about it poping out again.

PS. i just got my airbag in the mail today so tommorow i will be messing with it, i can tell you more about it then.

If you decided to email me, send it to thats my personal email and i check it more often.
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