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Angry Roll Bar Wont Retract

1990 129 SL500 Changed rear shocks and removed suspension limit switches noting their spacing from rear suspension arm. I replaced them in the like manner. When work was performed by mechanic (mecedes) the hard top was off and soft top was down.
Following installation of new shocks car was driven by mechanic to check out. During run the roll bar deployed and when I picked up the car I could not stow it with the manual dash switch, it just clicked whether the switch was moved up or down. I went to place the hard top back on the car and in the process of securing the hard top the roll bar suddenly retracted. This morning i was driving the vehicle and stopped at a light anfd the roll bar deployed again with no luck using the dash switch to get it retracted. Neither the roll bar switch light or the top control switch was lit as is normal. I went back to the mechanic and explained. He looked at the rear suspension again and assured me the distance between the rear suspension arm and the switch actuating lever was correct which I verified myself. Meanwhile the rollbar is still up and won't retract. Is there any special reset function that must be performed to retract it?
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