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Air bag

I undersand the trauma part. But Airbags save lives. I look at it this way.

Serious head-on accident with airbag=minor injuries and much improved probability of survival with limited critical injuries.

Serious head-on accident without airbag=critical head injuries.

Always always always improve your probabilities of survival and avoidance of head trauma.

My brother worked at a head trauma facility and told me time and again of horror stories where people, in relatively minor traffic accidents 30mph and below getting one good wack to the head and suddenly everything is different.

I'll take burns over brain damage any day.

Absolutely a no brainer (no pun intended)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Airbags are there for a reason, to save your life and your head.

A saying we had in motocross, "if you have a ten dollar head then buy a ten dollar helmet".

Take care,
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