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M119 running too cool?!

I know, I know sounds impossible right? Most M119 owners would love this condition, right?

Well, with some recent trips in the E420, (Mixed freeway and around-town driving), I've noticed it never gets much above about 60C! (except for some periods when during extened idling it's crept to just under 80C on the coolant temp guage) Now, I could understand at freeway speeds, the airflow, accompanied with moderate ambient air temps (40-55F), it could concievable stay at or slight under the 80C mark on the temp gauge, but this seemed a little too low to me. I have been using 'EC' mode for the ACC since AC cooling isn't needed, but didn't think this alone would lower temps so much.

Anyone know what optimum operating temp is for the M119 in a W124? I seemed to have had the same, 'running nearly-too-hot' scenario like other 400E/500E owners since I've own the car (last February), so I'm curious as to this recent drop. No cool-harness installed

Should I just take it easy, or is this indicative of thermostat/cooling system issues?

Thanks all in advance!

- Ryan
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