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I've used mine many times, it helped me solve a bad trans. over temp protection switch, EGR code, etc etc. I would highly recommend one. The one I made is a little more expensive than what one can be built for, I like things that are functional and look good too.

I haven't PM'ed anyone before on this site so if your still interested just e-mail me at and I'll make one up for you. I will sell it for what it cost me in parts and shipping to you, which just guessing would probably total about $20.00.

Also as a side note I would sign up for an ALLDATA account for your vehicle. It's $25.00 for the first vehicle and $15.00 per vehicle thereafter (annually). They have all the latest and greatest info on codes, troubleshooting, service bulletins and tons of other things. I'm a big believer in that site because it has helped me numerous times.

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