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Are we sure this is normal?

I keep hearing this is normal, but NONE of my other MBZ's do it this consistently.

I would agree it is normal if it didn't do this AFTER it was warm...but has this delay when it is hot enough to cook a meal on the engine.

I have talked to dealership and they feel it is not normal and want to replace the tranny, but the tranny has just been rebuilt.

Why would it change without a delay after the first, or now on these colder mornings the second 2 -3 upshift, but once I turn off the ignition for a shirt as 5 seconds it returns to the delay sequence even though the engine is HOT and doesn't need the warm up cycle.

On the other hand, if I switch off and then right back on, the delay is not present.

It just seems like there is some electrical delay that is kicking in over and above the designed delay when cold.

And yes, unfortunately there seems to be a whole range of additonal problems that need to be fixed as well. (but that's one reason why we love these cars...they keep us busy!)

Poll: Any other SL owners having this same weird 2 - 3 shift behaviour when warm?

'90 300SL
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'84 190D (passed along...still in the family and used on a daily basis)

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