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I had a problem with my 1988 300TE related to low fuel level. The symptoms were not the same, but here goes. On mine, when the fuel level was low, the engine would stop. If the car sat a minute or two, it would run. If going around a corner, such as a freeway off ramp, the car would stop. Let it sit a minute or so and it would run. The problem turned out to be a broken piece of an internal fuel tank baffle. The tank has a "cup" in the bottom from which the fuel pump takes suction. The returns from the fuel regulating valve on the engine flow to an eductor nozzle in the tank. The eductor nozzle draws fuel from the tank into the "cup". The purpose of the "cup" is to keep adequate fuel at the pump suction during cornering, etc. I removed the fuel gauge sending unit from the tank and peered in. I spotted the broken piece lodged in front of the eductor nozzle. Looking through the fuel in the tank the piece looked a bit like a tiny, beige colored balloon. I fished it out and the problem was resolved. Hope this helps.
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