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The W210 E420 is a performance sedan! With the five-speed and 2.82 final drive ratio, it's quite quick. Most tests I've seen have the car running very low 6's in the 0-60 dash, right on the heels of the W124 E500.

Also, the comments about the chassis are correct. The W210 is a very good handling car, a step above the W124.

The M119 engine is hands-down one of the best V-8's ever to be shoehorned into a car of any kind. The stock bottom end has been used in 1000+hp racing applications, and is virtually indestructible as long as it gets an oil/filter once in a while.

If it didn't use so much gas (still less than most SUV's though) the E420 W210 car would be very high on my shopping list...
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