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Question Car jerks over bumps

Hi all,

I notice that the front of my 87 300D tends to jerk left or right (steering wheel too) when I hit a bump in the road, like poorly maintained railroad tracks. Similar where the joint between bridge and road is poor. It also seems to hit harder than it should. Its been like this for a little while, it did not just appear one day.

There is nothing in the suspension that hasn't been replaced (age related issues, not directed at this!) - struts, shocks, subframe mounts, spring pads, springs, rear links, front lower contorl arms - all parts from dealer.

The front end steering is tight. Shaking wheels at 3 & 9, 6 & 12 shows no play. Steering damper is 48Kmi old (Feb'02). The wheels move evenly together, except when turned all the way - there is some free play, as if its coming from the steering gear itself.

Any ideas on what's causing this? Is it as simple as a new steering damper?
Brian Toscano
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