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I picked up a filter last night and will try flushing the system theis weekend. I will also look for any unusual play in the pump.
As far as the upper end overhaul, the cam had
two lobes ground off and four of the rockers were damaged. I purchased the car with 92K
(3rd owner) trying to eliminate an occasional rough idle I found a damaged cam and had it replaced @ 108K. At 127K I had what I thought was a noisy lifter or two. Two lobes worn off on the cam and several rockers damaged.
The shop that did the original work also did the rebuild for 10 hrs labor and parts at $1250. This was new guides, rockers, rocker shafts, lifters, cam, cam gear, chain, gaskts
& machine work. I pretty much wrote off the first cam to probable poor maint by one of the previous owners, but the second seemed to me that something was missed or done wrong during the first repair. I have not been able to find any other complaints about cam
problems on a 300E. The shop that I use is
an independant shop but has a good reputaiton
and I have dealt with them for 5 yrs with this being the first problem. They charged
just less than what I could get the parts for
from Performance and I thought the labor was reasonable for what they did. I just hope that something has not been missed that will cause this again.

88 300E 130K
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