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Hi all,

The plastic "guide" tab on one of my front turn signals recently snapped ('93 190) and the I'm certain I'll lose the assembly soon (been through this with every other MBZ I've owned at one point or another). SO, I must replace. Get this: my local MBZ dealer (Smythe European) wants $93 for the assembly, sans bulb and socket. Bekkers has it for $43. They also have the clear turn signals, which begs the question:

Knowing that these clear lenses are euro-spec and not DOT approved (thus not-legal), does anyone have experience with running this stuff resulting in fix-it tickets, general harassment or other? I'd hate to buy a set and become a really obvious (and FREQUENT) target. They just look sooo good...

Oh - and has anyone had luck with superglue or some other fix-it? I forgot to mention that my FIRST preference is to not spend the money at all.

Thanks for the feedback as always,
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