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you got to be kidding me. You took the wood panel out, took the A/C control unit out, remove the buttons from the unit, apply glue on the thing, put the buttons back onto the unit and finally put the unit back to the car. All that??? Are you serious!!!

If so, I would like to know the following:

1) what tools you used to take the becker radio out? The radio removal key? or are there something else we can use?

2) What tools u used to remove the A/C unit? Screw driver or special tools?

3) What tools you used to remove the buttons from the unit? Is it screwed on? or glue on? or clip on?

4) You mention "glue" something behind the buttons? Is it dangerous? Is it easy? Will I damage something?

5) I assume everything can go back easily, right?

6) Can you unplug the unit from the car for a long time, like 1-2 days? Will it resets itself with no power connected? Did you remove yours or you just did all that while connected?

7) Buying a new unit, again can a new unit just plug-n-play? or we need MB to program it to work on the car?

8) Is your control unit the same as the one shown on "JimF" page? You know, seperated into 3 segments with 1 wheel on each segment? or you have the later model with one long LCD panel?

Mine is a 92 W140, hope what you said will really give it a kick. I really need some of those buttons.

Thanks a million for your reply and help.

Good luck in sourcing the unit, but my advice is a brand new unit. Mine had the same button problem in 98, had it replaced by MB, and gone again in 2001. Lucky the "0" button works.
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