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If your 1993 190E corner lens is the same as my 1986 190E (2.3-16V), then I "gots-what-you-needs", brah! I installed clear corners, Euro headlights, and smoked taillights recently. Besides my amber originals, I somehow ended up with a set of brand-new ambers. Heck, buy me breakfast at the Southern Kitchen in Los Gatos (across from Ferrari of Los Gatos), and I'll give you the blinker you need; really How's this Easter Sunday morning sound (4/23)? This way we can check out eachother's rides. Hopefully my front grill/frame will be back from Wheel Techniques by then -- they're painting it Pearl Black to match my body color -- my CAR'S body color, that is Let me know about this Sunday, then we can set up a time. Phil (aka: amgkid) -- if you read this you're welcome to join.



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