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Just to clarify what M.B. Doc and others have said.

The woodruff key must point to the timing mark on the cam tower on the left head.

The cam spacer washer will fit on two ways and if the timing mark on the washer points to the reference mark on the cam tower but the woodruff key is pointed down the cam will be 180 degrees out of time.

I don't know if the same rule applies to the right head but since that is where the #1 cylinder is you can check it by turning the engine to TDC and then checking the position of the cam lobes.

Since TDC of the engine is on the compression when the spark plug is firing the intake lobe should be closed and the exhaust lobe should be coming around to open the exhaust valve for the exhaust stroke.

After any changes in cam timing you should only rotate the engine BY HAND. If you feel any binding stop and fix the problem before you end up with a very costly valve job.
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