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dan buldini
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96 C220; rear window defrosterr

Hi Guys,
I need help! The rear window defroster in my 96 C220 will not stay on. When you hit the button it comes on and it works but after 5 seconds the light starts to blink. The manuel says that means there is not enough current to support it. Even with all else shut down it does the same thing. The battery shows 12 volts and the alternator shows 14 volts according to my little VOM. I tried to find the relay but there are no markings to tell me which one it is.
The fuse is up front. under that fuse box is box of relays. The fuse box in the rear has relays also with no markings.
Can someone please give me some advice. If I keep on pushing the button, the window will defrost.
I did find one thing in my search. The battery is not the new style to which you never add water. It has a breather and the water was very low. At least I corrected that.
dan buldini
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