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Why is my 450 stumbling and shaking?

I am at the point of total frustration with this car.

I purchased in January for $5000 from the original owner w/172,000 miles with all service records and a bad transmission which I replaced(lots of thanks to stevebfl and M.B. DOC)

Hard to start. terribly rough and fluctuating idle. In P somewhat smooth in D shakes and stammers or dies. Hesitates awfully up to ~2500 rpms (25-30mph) after that smooth as glass.

what I've replaced(sorry for the long list)-
fuel distributor - set to 5.0 bar system pressure
air slide valve, cold start injector, control pressure regulator,injectors w/ seals, holders and o-rings, plugs, wires distr. cap & rotor, coil, fuel filter, distributor vac. advance, thermo vac valve, catalytic converter. All vac. hoses and checked against diagrams from my CD.

What I've adjusted-
timing to 0 degrees (runs much better if advance 20-30 degreees)
checked that distributor was pointing to #1 plug wire when engine pulley is at O on crankshaft across from timing pointer.
set CO to 3% to make it keep from stalling in D
cleaned throttle body

I've spent a lot of money on this car and would like top be able to drive it someday. I know throwing parts isn't the correct way to fix or diagnose problems, but with the car being 25 years old, a lot of them were safe bets for peace of mind if it ever gets running and WE can travel in it.

I would apreciate any suggestions,
Help me renew my faith in MB


77 450SL
Med. Blue
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