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Haven't looked at thread for a few days, dad removed the front timing cover while I was away and found the oil pump had to come off to get it off. It also works easier if the oil seal on the crank is removed, this was infact hard to take out and seemed to have been put in with some sort of adhesive. When we reassembed the cover , we found that you leave out the seal until last and the oil pump chain will go in last and simply slips over the crank and drops easily into place. Did I understand you correctly that the timing cover could be left on, and the bottom rails will come out thru the the sump if the oil pump is removed? I don't think this will allow the removal of the pins in the botom rails? Thanks for your feedback , it really helps. I have found a guy here who is heading to the states this week to buy MB parts and he seems keen to buy low km 560's and bring back here . He seems keen to fit a 560 motor and contol box into my 420 and says it is a big improvement in power and economy(?) and a fairly cheap alternative to a major rebuild , about $4000 aus . Any comments from you guys who have sen this done ?
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