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S class AC problems

I have a terrible screeching noise that starts as soon as I turn on the climate control system. The noise stops as soon as I turn it off, or if I switch to EC mode. It sounds like it is coming from the fan belt...being a complete novice even in auto repair, I was wondering if someone could help me by telling me what is the cause of this noise, and how serious it is.....I know that my blower regulator is out(the AC system only blows on low), and I wanted to see if there is more that is out besides the blower regulator...such as the evaporator, the compressor and whatever else might be out...I have tried to get the DTC codes using the K6RF's website...but the best I could do were the sensor readings...I followed the directions for the DTC codes on the page...but it kept giving me the sensor reading only...Someone....PLEASE HELP!

Here are the sensor readings:

1 - 76
2 - 93
3 - 7
4 - 19
5 - 14
7 - 3
8 - 40
9 - 30
16 - 0
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