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These downshift tables are always confusing. If you have shift function S and E, then you have the highest capability in the "S" position. No more kickdown downshifts will occur at 24kph. In the "E" position it would not occur after about 20kph. Both these are for the "D" shift position.

If you do not have S/E then the highest 2-1 downshift with kickdown would be at 19kph. If you shift to the "2" position then the shift can take place up to 28kph.

There is a distinct difference between full throttle shifts and full throttle with kickdown. The point at which these shifts can be made are even slower. To check whether you get both I would try a clear road at about 40mph and push to the floor and see how many downshifts you get and then push the switch (you should be able to feel the difference between full throttle and full thot w/kickdown.) There will be a speed where you will only get one speed of downshift in the first position and two speeds with the switch. It may take a higher speed. BE CAREFUL!

Basically it looks like you can't get a first gear kickdown downshift above 12-15 mph.

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