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>Would anyone know if W140 S320 brakes would fit my W124 300CE? I can pick up the 2 front calipers from a nearby junkyard for $50.....

I'm quite shure the 4-piston-calipers won't fit on your car.

I tried to install the brake from 300E-24V/E320/400E to my 300TE but need the different triangle-wishbones from these models to have enough clearance between rotor an wishbone/lower supporting mount(?)

I've ordered the 24V-wishbones now, they are expencive, 326.44 Euro (ca. 300USD) each at the dealer and 170 Euro OEM (febi Bilstein).

Partnumber are
left side: MB: 124 330 34 07 / febi: 15694
right side: MB: 124 330 35 07 / febi: 15695

And BTW the rotor is different as well :-/

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