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I became encouraged after reading all the posts concerning worn guides/seals on this 103 motor. I figured this high mileage car would be great for another 2 years for my daughter so I tackled the job. i got the head off and back on OK. The problem is although I think I understand how to "align" this motor, I'm not certain I got it right and I don't want to do it over again. The procedure (as I understand it) is to have the crank at TDC and then the cam hole should be lined up with the boss on the bearing cap. I think I'm off a little. I have already installed the new master link but I did not yet peen it over. Where can I get the tool to peen the link or does pressing the link on assure that it will stay there? Lastly, what is involved in aligning the TDC sensor. I disturbed it removing the har balancer and I can see it is adjustable. I would appreciate whatever help you can give me for I am ready to bring the whole car to the dealer.
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