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Make sure the crank is at TDC on power stroke for #1 cylinder. There are two TDC's for each cylinder 360 degrees apart. Check the timing marks on the harmonic balancer. You probably should have marked the 0 degree line when aligned with the left edge of the TDC sensor before you took it apart. With the cam aligned with the mark on the bearing boss, you'll need to put the rotor on the rotor shaft and see if it lines up with the #1 position in the distributor cap. If it does, then your are on target for TDC, if not then you'll have to rotate the engine by hand until you get there. Make sure the the chain tensioner spring has been removed from the tensioner well. Adjust the position of the timing chain so the cam and the crank are in synch. As far as the chain goes,the link pins can be peened over by backing the link pins with a piece of flat heavy metal and tapping the front of the pins with a ball peen hammer. Do not put it back together w/o peening the pins over. Make sure you replace the spring in the chain tensioner. Also, align the left edge of the TDC sensor with the 0 degree timing mark. Hope this helps.. Rmemeber, always mark things that are critical reassembly parts, so you won't have to guess at it later on.

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