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There's some truth to Joe's sarcasm. I wish people who've tried these products would post their comments here and let us know if they REALLY work.

My comment on this is the same comment I make on other outrageous contraptions.... if they work so well, why aren't the auto companies putting it in their products?

Not many people realize this, but we have roughly 30,000 engineers here in Detroit. The companies go through Herculean efforts to eke out a tenth of a mile per gallon, or five more horsepower from their products. Yeah, you've got a few idiots making bone-headed decisions, but I can't believe all of them collectively would pass over such a gem of an opportunity to leapfrog the competition.

In other words, if it's too good to be true, it most likely IS too good to be true.

BTW, I wouldn't trust anything scientific to somebody who can't spell "Neodymium".
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