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The four levers are much larger than that which can be seen from the outside. When I used to do them I replaced them inside the dash.

I removed the radio, ashtray (and mounting bracket), and glove box. Working through those holes I would remove the levers one at a time. The whole assy has to be unbolted from the dash (the nuts that hold it also retain the chrome slots the levers protrude through). at this point the assy is hanging from all the cables which it works. You will see from your new levers that they pivot on a plastic cylider. They come off by releasing the cables and taking the caps off the plastic cylinders. The trick is getting all the cables into their proper adjustment after it is all back together.

There is an alternative. A company is making replacement levers that can be installed from the outside. We have done a few. Except that they are constructed of a much more durable plastic, I don't like them. They are bigger and don't look quite right. They are functional though and a whole lot easier.

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