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Ed, new brakes, discs, calipers, the whole works were just replaced on the vehicle 5k miles ago. I would think they are fine, unless one is faulty. Also, I got under it yesterday, the driveshaft and works seem fine, tight as a drum.

Rex, I just went over vacuum lines this past weekend and looked like all connected, but i'll look them over again, expecially at pump. That makes good sense what you say.

It's definitely not a bottle or somehting rolling around, it does it distinctly just before I come to complete stop where there's not really any 'force' to cause something loose in car to shift, that would happen before this sounds happens...if i make any sense. What I need to do I guess is let somebody drive it and see if i can pinpoint where under the car it comes from. Hard to tell from driver seat, but it almost sounds like from the rear.
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