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Apparently changing the IP address can actually increase the likelihood of ghosting!

You make a good point. CL has been bery, bery good to me....sold four cars on it, no success on Ebay (yet). I'll probably just chill for a while and try selling the again in a few months.

Originally Posted by hertfordnc View Post
options; change your IP by logging in from a wifi spot, change your email, and get a google voice phone number and set it up to forward to your cell. google voice is a wonderful free service.

I had never heard of ghosting so i did some quick research- sorry about your problem but i kinda' like CL's approach spammers and customer service.

Apparently it will be a complete waste of your time to try to challenge or question this, they will ignore you or provide vague non-answers.

ghosting is liberally used and somewhat arbitrary.

But when you consider that CL remains free and effective and has managed to surrive spam, it is an impressive tactic.
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