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I am still a little confused. Does the clutch stall the engine with the car in neutral and with only slight motion toward the floor? Meaning when you put your foot on top of the pedal and just begin to push down on it? Or is the car in gear, and slight motion away from the floor with the clutch kills the engine?

I am at a loss to understand why pressing the clutch in would be able to shut the engine down. The engine normally shuts off with a vacuum actuator controlled by the key. If you lift the hood and have someone observe the manual shut off lever (red sheetmetal lever on the injection pump) you will see it move when you turn the car off with the key. Once your observer sees the movement, you can start the car and then press on the clutch pedal to shut the engine off. If the clutch action causes the lever to move, it is somehow imitating the key action and causing the vacuum system to shut the car off. Sounds like a possible screwy vacuum issue, mis-connected lines or a leak in a really wierd spot.

When you find it out, it would be great if you shared it with us.

As for the transmission being difficult to move, does it move at all? Or does it just sit there bound up? If the reach rods I described fall off the connections to the transmission, they get bound because the way the system works, you cannot engage a gear if one of the other forks is already engaged. So, if one of your gears is in say fourth gear, and the reach rod fell off, you cannot get it out of fourth gear to put it in another gear. And if it is in fourth, it will not be able to start very well, and will likely stall. So, back to the original question, is the car stalling when the clutch is on the way off the floor to engage the transmission, or is it when the clutch is on the way down to the floor to disengage the transmission? Jim
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