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W140 Dash Button for Trunk release not working

1996 S420...This is an interesting problem...the dash button for the trunk release is not working properly...nor is the command from the Keyless entry. When I press the trunk release button or the keyless entry for that matter, I do hear some mechanical noise at the rear of the car...but the trunk does not open. Manually (push the trunk release button in the rear) everything works as advertised.
One other thing...near the left tail light there is a sharp hissing noise (almost like a fart)...I assume that there is a leak in the vacuum line since the pump is actually near the gas tank.
The 4 doors close properly, the doors lock correctly, and the dash button (as well as keyless entry) related to the door locks work correctly...and as I indicated above, the trunk closure mechanism works properly...only the release button on the dash and the keyless entry command as it relates to the trunk.
I love this has some hardware that is truly unique. What a piece of work. To all who comment...Thanks for your input. It will give me something to do over the long weekend.
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