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Thanks for the replies.

After posting the question, before checking for any replies, I had decided I would farm this job out, Steve's reply and Larry's concurrance only strengthened the arguement to the wife. If Palo Alto Speedo, does what they say they do for $125.00, then it's worth it. Over the phone they even told me they clean the tenths dial, so you can tell the numbers are red, as well as replace damaged parts with new. I wonder if the speedo shop would be able to calibrate the speedo head to the tires I'm running? The speedo does show about 5-7 MPH more than actually going. Or do you think that could be additional damage in the gear clusters? Either way, I'll ask when I send it off.

Someone told me that all I needed to do was open the speedo head and with the smallest bit I could find, drill a hole into the gear collar and part way into the shaft, then break off the bit. This sounded a bit much for a cure, and I'm glad I asked here before acting on odd sounding advice.

Now all I have to do is find the time to pull the cluster and speedo head. I'll probably try to keep the remainder of the gauges connected, so I can still drive the old girl. Not that we're short on cars, I just hate having to fill the tank on the Suburban with today's gas prices . I'll let y'all know how it turns out. Thanks.

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