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Cool Tranny Shift Fix???

I have a 300SD with 125K miles in great shape. I have some sifting problems and have tired all of the usual things ie checked the vacuum, readjusted the modulator, adjusted the bowden cable but still get hard 1-2 shifts and flare 2-3 and sometimes stacked shifts. I am wondering if anyone has tried the fix listed on the web site below. It sounds just like the problem that I have and have not been able to cure. After talking with the people I find that the kit is meant to be installed at overhaul but it appears that the shift kit can be installed without removing the tranny. Any comments or experience.

Superior Shift correction 722.3 / 722.4 Diesel
# 85931 Superior Kit K722A-D This valve body kit deals with these problems: Harsh 1-2 shift Soft or flare 2-3 shifts Slip or flare 2-3 (cold) Soft or flare 3-4 shifts Stacked 2-3 shifts
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