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Hi Guys,

I respect the advice of the members of this here is my current situation.
1985 190E 2.3L 97k miles. I had a full tranny service about 4k miles ago and have no leaks of any fluids. I change the oil every 2500 miles and have a reliable, strong engine.
I am planning to drive the car to VA from GA in the morning and decided to change the oil today after 2200 miles. I noted three things.
1. Small leak of ATF (maybe 1/4 pint in a puddle) under front of car.
2. Transmission fluid levels while engine hot, idling in park, appear to be 1-2cm above the high mark on the transmission dipstick. Looks really overfull.
3. Transmission now shifts very roughly when engaging reverse to drive or vice versa. If I take the tranny into neutral (900rpm) and then ease into either Drive or Reverse, everything is fine. If I go from D (700rpm) straight into R (700rpm) or vice-versa, the whole car jerks into gear.

No noticeable problems shifting in normal driving. Today is the first day it has really been hot here and she is running between 85-100C when in traffic.

This is a new occurrence and I worry about driving her 9+ hours in the morning with this new issue. All other fluids look perfectly normal and no other problems to report at all.

Your advice will dictate whether I take her tomorrow or no. I tried to all my trusty independent shop mechanic whom I learned is out of town for the weekend.

John Meadows
Augusta, GA

John J. Meadows
'85 190E 2.3L 96k mi.
My first M-B, not my last.
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