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Oh. Got it. Nevermind.

You know, there is really nothing to it in the front.
The rear is complicated by the E-brake.
Sounds like you are doing the fronts, so here are the steps:

1) Remove caliper assembly and tie it up so it does not hang from hose. I use a bungee cord or a coat hanger.

2) Remove rotor set screw. This is all that holds the rotor on at this point, since the lug nuts and wheel secure it when you are underway. Set screw is either a 5 or 6mm hex key. I can't remember.

3) Remove rotor

4) Install new rotor (make sure you remove protective coating, if required. Some manufacturers no longer require this for some models.)

5) Install set screw. Don't overdo it on the set screw torque. I don't know the specified value, but 20Ft-lbs would be plenty. Keep in mind that the set screw does nothing once the wheel is installed. A little low-strength thread-lock would not hurt, though enough of the factory stuff probably remains.

6) Replace pads and re-install caliper assembly. You know about this part already. I use a milk crate to hold up the calipers while I work on them. For best results, be sure to lightly lube all of the sliding surfaces and pins on the calipers with brake grease (Sta-lube and Permatex both make good stuff).

Best of luck.
1986 300E 5-Speed 240k mi.
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