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You guys really are the best. Here is the deal. I woke up yesterday at 4am to get ready to drive the car up to VA. I checked my email and this board for any other advice and saw Ken's post telling me to get the fluid out of there. I searched for some tubing and manually slurped out about .75QT of ATF until the dipstick (cold) was reading about 10-12mm below the mark. I decided to give it a whirl and drove the car 10 hours all on the interstate. I stopped about 12 times to check fluids and get some for myself. The trans level stayed at precisely the full mark throughout the trip and I have had no additional leaks while parked or any of the little side-effects I had been noticing before. My thanks to all of you for responding and esp. to Ken for emailing me just in case I didn't check the board. The car got better gas mileage yesterday than it has in its life with me. Coincedence? *grin* I think I have finally experienced love for a car (or at least the marque) when I was ok with sitting next to a sedan, plastic tube in hand, slurping Dexron/Mercon into my mouth at 5am, one mouthful at a time.

Thanks again to all.

John J. Meadows
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My first M-B, not my last.
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