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Angry delayed shifts

I agree with tkd_M119 regarding what we should collectively expect from such a premier marque as Benz. For one, I would expect a smoothly changing gearbox(auto) at whatever temp or time of proceedings. From the first start in the morning or any time of day, it should move away smoothly, changing without any nasty jerks or kicks in the backsides. Throughout the whole trip, the auto should have been designed to operate consistently without fail or variations. When going uphill or downhill, the auto should have been designed to change into the correct gears by itself based on the angle of attack, the weight of the car, the weight of the passengers and cargo, and also the speed it is going at and the car's engine capacity and torgue. My C180 would simply creep uphill and won't change down until I have depressed the pedal down to the bottom for a few minutes before it changes down 1 gear which is not first gear, probably second. This isn't enough to tackle the steeper slopes. What can I do? Looks like I have to take this punishment or sell it!
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