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Can't give throttle? Motor mounts??!

Hello Iíve been contemplating buying another 300D, there is a 83 that was rear ended and selling for quite cheap (<$1k) but it has a problem that Iíd like to know what is causing it before I get to serious about buying it. Almost everything on this car is perfect (other than the obvious damage), but after it was rear ended the throttle canít rev the motor. Apparently the guy had a mechanic look at it, and while he didnít find anything definite it was suspected a broken motor mount due to the impact was causing it. Does this sound feasible? I just canít see how the motor could move so much. Hopefully he can send me a picture of this region of the motorÖ. Itíd be phenomenal if I could fix it and drive it home as is (damage isnít that bad, both rear quarters are slightly bent and the bumper is missing) versus having to tow it all the way home.

Thanks in advance.
Jeff M.
Jeff M.
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