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wiring harness failures

I think 'damage' is too harsh a term. More appropriate is 'discover a failure'. What happens is the insulation on the individual wires crumbles and turns to dust. That is the failure

All is well so long as nothing moves. However, any movement(from flexing in normal operation) or maintenance can cause the crumbles to shift and let the now bare wires touch and short out. That is the discovery of the failure that has already happened.

European recycling laws encourgaed the mfg's to make 'biodegradeable' wire insulation for cars. We crazy Americans simply expect our cars to last too long (of course, excluding taxes they cost 100% more here and are very profitable compared to a European sale)

Over there the original mfg has to take the car back( or be responsible for it) when it is scrapped and recycle it somehow.
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