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Why doesn't my 300E hold the full 7 quarts?

Just wondering if any of you have experienced this. For the last two years since I have owned my 1990 300E, when changing the oil it never holds the full 6.9 quarts as stated in the OM. I always change the filter and remove the oil cap while draining the oil. Yesterday I even pulled the drainplug and left it while I went over to the neighbors to chit chat for 45 min. I drove it around last night and this morning I check the oil level and it is absolutely to the max mark on the dipstick. 6 quarts total on level ground?

Also, I use either Mobil1 or Fram oil filter which dont come with the dipstick O ring, Do the MB filters come with the O ring?

And while were at it if anyone has any tips as to removing the oil filter without getting oil all over the motor and driveway they would be appreciated too. If there is such a way.

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