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Well he just sent me an email saying this:

You can fix that gas throttle linkage so easy it aint' even funny! It is Very Easy!
Note ehere the rod rotates, more than likely what happened to your's happened to my brother's car, there is a bolt that adjusts the throttle. That rod is connected to a plate which inturn rotates to push on another plate which gives it throttle, if that elongated area is allowing the rod to turn, you will not get any throttle, or very little, An easy adjust ment and tightening of that bolt and you have throttle again!

On the older cars, 1980 and older they used a different setup, and what happened with them is that the spring tube would wear out and then you have about half throttle, I fixed mine by drilling a hole and pushed in a Roll Pin and then I had direct linkage.
While it is nice to see he is already referring to it as my car I think I'll have to get the decoders working on that first paragraph. :-) The second one makes sense but what rod rotates? Sure they all have adjustable lengths but they shouldn't be rotating. I never paid attention but surely those are reverse threads. Anybody clue me in?

Jeff M.
Jeff M.
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